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I had previously had another relationship before that in which I made my family go realtionships to fund my gambling. View all posts by counsellorsam1. Trust is a fragile thing.

He ran a bookies shop then. International Gambling Studies6 1: The area that is sometimes less obvious is the impact on people around the problem gambler. HelpLine If you are worried that you or someone gambling addiction in relationships know is gambling too much you can talk to a HelpLine adviser from 8am-midnight, 7 days a week. I dream of renting a dump of a bedsit because it would be preferable to this life. With more awareness come better understanding and hopefully reduces the biggest problem a gambler has which is embarrassment about their addiction… Keep writing the articles Sam… I for one will be a keen reader… The more I can understand the effects I have caused the less likely I think I am to go back to my deceitful lying gambling ways. You may want to take our self assessment test to find out more.

Posted 4th January Gambling Addiction. Counselling can help to address the difficulties of gambling addiction. To ask for information or to arrange an. Yet, understanding partner's experiences of problem gambling is important Key issues leading to relationship problems may include financial. I am a better person now as I am fighting the addiction (gamblers are never cured) so I would say this. Gambling and relationships are hard.

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