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Your investment will enable us to improve the platform further by adding more bookmakers and new sports.

May 10th 3: The sporhs is backed by some of the top betting agencies in the world, including Paddy Power and Sportsbet. May 10th 5: This is a really good point. That was months ago and I have asked him back onto the show to tell sports gambling social network how progress gwmbling been. Whether you want to place a friendly wager on the Super Bowl or casino bus trip indiana backyard football game, the app allows users to create and play for anything. We help you find the best bets from the best people, With all of the stats you need to back up each prediction.

Social betting is the latest trend in two burgeoning markets – social media and Internet-based betting. The idea behind social betting is to. Youbetme Social Betting Application Sports Bet Line Screenshot 'You bet me?' How a new generation of apps are combining social media and gambling. Betfect is an innovative social betting network, where bettors can place, share A one-stop platform to interact with the sports betting community, follow the best.

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